Charlie Roberts

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Music from James Madison University, a MA in Education from Columbia University, a MA and a PhD in Media Arts & Technology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. His research focus is human-computer interaction, particularly its application to electronic music practice and the implementation of virtual reality environments. He currently develops interactive software infrastructure for the AlloSphere, a three-story spherical virtual reality environment housed in the California NanoSystems Institute. Before beginning his graduate studies, Charlie taught digital arts technologies at the collegiate level for four years. Since beginning his graduate career he has proposed, designed and taught graduate and undergraduate courses at UC Santa Barbara and Columbia University on a variety of topics, including the use of technology in live performance, realtime collaboration technologies in education and the development of artistic/musical software for mobile devices.

As an active performing musician, Charlie has played keyboards, bass and laptop in variety of bands over the years in styles including hip-hop, math-punk, jazz, and improvised electronic music. His most recent performance interest is live coding; in early 2012 he developed the web-based live coding environment Gibber and has since given close to a dozen solo and ensemble live coding performances in the US and abroad.

Charlie is currently funded through a generous fellowship from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.