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    Im trying to create a xy widget from maxmsp over osc with the following code.

    This works fine:

    /control/addWidget “{  ‘name’: ‘XY1’,  ‘type’: ‘MultiTouchXY’,  ‘x’: .12, ‘y’: 0.43, ‘width’: .37, ‘height’: .5,}”


    However, I cant seem to add an oscManager command in the ontouchend part. Like this


    /control/addWidget “{  ‘name’: ‘XY1’,  ‘type’: ‘MultiTouchXY’,  ‘x’: .12, ‘y’: 0.43, ‘width’: .37, ‘height’: .5, ontouchend: oscManager.sendOSC(“/XY1/z”, “ff”, 0, 0);}”

    Ive tried escaping the chars in oscManager, but nothing seems to work.

    Can someone confirm/deny whether it is possibile to contain these scripts within the OSC commands from maxmsp? It seems that max is having difficulty with the quotes.

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    It seems that I can send scripts such as this:

    if(this.value == this.max) { control.showToolbar(); } else { control.hideToolbar(); }

    But I cant send scripts that have quotes in them like this

    ontouchend: oscManager.sendOSC(“/XY1/z”, “ff”, 0, 0);}”

    Anyone know why this is?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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