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    TREBLETON is a clip launcher control interface for Ableton Live, for Android tablets.

    You can get it here : Trebleton v0.1

    Requirements : Ableton Live + LiveOSC


    Start Ableton and make sure LiveOSC is selected as a control surface in Ableton prefs
    Edit tr.js interface line 5 to enter your computer IP address
    Enter your computer IP address as destination address in Control using port 9000 and make sure you select it
    Load tr.js interface in Control



    “reset” : will reset all elements to original state

    “menu” : display control menu

    “play” : activates general play and stop button in Ableton

    “up”,”down”,”left”,”right” : navigates accross tracks and scenes

    Tapping a clip will start it, tapping again will stop it.

    Same for scenes.

    Clips will become red when triggered, green when playing.

    Scenes will become green when playing.

    Works best with “Portable Wifi Hotspot” enabled on tablet.

    Not tested with anything else than an Android 3.2.1 10″ tablet.

    Comments and questions are welcome!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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