CS10 is designed for CS pre-majors to introduce students to core programming concepts using the Java programming language. This class will move quicker and cover more ground than CS 5; students in this class are encouraged to either have previous programming experience or to be open to experimentation / hacking. This course is not designed for people who are intimidated by computers or programming.

The course will be augmented by guest lectures and student presentations.


Savitch, Walter. Absolute Java: 3rd Edition, Boston: Pearson Education, 2008.


All grades are curved. Grades breakdown as follows:

Honor Code Policy

You can't learn programming if you don't do your own work. Really. Please review the honor code policy to see what is acceptable and unacceptable aid on assignments.


Missing more than 3 classes without prior notification to the instructor will drop your grade by 10%. This reduction will occur after the grading curve is applied. You will not be able to pass the class if you miss more than 6 sessions.

Course Outline