Big Gibber update is live

The newest version of Gibber is now live, and contains a number of substantial improvements:

  • new default demo song
  • new minimal color scheme
  • a pretty slick freesound integration (if I do say so myself), with an included tutorial
  • more graphics demos
  • code fades when you’re not typing if you are using graphics (thanks to livecodelab for the inspiration)
  • beatboxing drum kit demo is now included (thanks karl)
  • electronic drum kit is now used by default by the Drums object
  • boids / flocking audiovisual demo
  • various bug fixes

Try it out!

4 thoughts on “Big Gibber update is live

  1. Unfortunately the live testing area does not work for me with Google Chrome on OS X. I just see the title area with some buttons which are not responsive. The JavaScript console shows this error:
    Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules: gibber/graphics/three.min require-jquery.js:192
    makeError require-jquery.js:192
    checkLoaded require-jquery.js:763
    (anonymous function) require-jquery.js:806

    Firefox loads everything, but code execution ist very slow…

    • Hi Dave,

      I just tried it in Safari, Chrome and Chrome Canary without problems, although Safari only works under Mavericks. But Chrome should be fine. What version of Chrome are you using? Thanks! – Charlie

  2. Hi – great app! Is there a way to change a drum sequence while it is playing? Modifying and re-eval’ing a line of code seems to produce a 2nd drum pattern instead of modifying the existing one. Any advice on the best way to do this?

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