Gibber @ LSU

I have a backlog of people doing interesting stuff with Gibber to post about; a great problem to have! Jesse Allison has been leading a research group (the Experimental Music and Digital Media program, or EMDM) at Louisiana State University who have been using Gibber in a variety of ways. First, they’ve been using it to perform in the Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana; below is a pic of a recent performance:

The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana performing with Gibber.

The Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana performing with Gibber.

They’ve also been using it to teach middle school and high school students through their EDMM Academy; very cool!

The EMDM program has also released a number of interesting open source software packages. The first is a web GUI framework for digital musical instruments that recently received a major overhaul / upgrade: NexusUI. The second is BRAID, a tool for quickly prototyping digital musical instruments. BRAID currently combines NexusUI with, and although it will support more audio libraries in the future I’m happy Gibber got to go first. These recent projects are primarily the work of Ben Taylor, an incredibly talented creative coder studying with Jesse at LSU.

Please check out their work!