Gibber Updates

Going to try and be a little more active on this blog; I especially want to highlight all the work other people have been doing involving Gibber / p5.gibber. But to start, some info about some nice feature updates to Gibber.

First, the new pattern library. There are now lots of ways to manipulate the underlying values of audiovisual sequences. You can reverse, invert, rotate, scale, transpose, crop… many tools for creating variation over time in sequences. Check out the Gibber pattern tutorial for details (just close the welcome screen that pops up):

I’ve also added some tools for visualizing pattern manipulations, you can see them at work in this video:

One common request for Gibber is for more instruments and styles of sounds. I’ve addressed this to some extent by adding SoundFont integration to Gibber. SoundFonts are collections of samples that match the General MIDI spec ( Adding the SoundFont means there are now a variety of more traditional sounds (piano, organ, cello, flute etc.) that can be used in giblets. You can try out the SoundFont integration here:*audio*