April 28th, 2011

Using Control as a Monome emulator with mlr

I created a Bonjour enabled mlr 2.5.1 patch that is relatively easy to use with Control; I’ve described the process to use it in a forum posting. Thanks to user Ronji for a lot of help in getting the Monome emulator working correctly and with tips and advice about using mlr with Control.

Here’s a video of Ronji in action using Control and mlr together.

April 28th, 2011

How to use Control to control almost… anything

Anything electrical that is… forum member Mr. Thumbs (his real identity remains shrouded in mystery) has created an Instructable showing how to flip a relay using Control. In the Instructable he’s using it to control turning a house lamp on and off, but you could use it to control anything that draws a similar amount of power. Or get a bigger relay and control whatever you want.

Thanks to Mr. Thumbs for taking the time to create this tutorial!

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