October 6th, 2011

Control 1.4 released (iOS)

Control 1.4 is released for iOS. The big new features are hardware MIDI support via the Camera Connection Kit, MIDI Sysex support (output only, can’t think of a reason for input currently) and pitch and volume tracking from the microphone.

The pitch tracking allows you, for example, to hum into the mic and then trigger notes using buttons in an interface. Or trigger a note of a given pitch whenever the volume of the microphone signal goes above a particular point. The algorithm for pitch tracking is a simple harmonic product spectrum; you can alternatively use zero crossings (hps is the default). If anyone has some DSP chops and wants to implement something fancier, please let me know!

I’ll post some more info about these changes later this weekend. I’m still working on the Wifi MIDI Android release; it’s slow going.

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