The Label is used to present text on the screen. You can also use a blank label with a background color to present a filled area to act as a container. To center a label inside a button give the label the exact same width, height, and x/y coordinates as the button.

Additional JSON Attributes

  • verticalCenter : if true (which is the default), the label will be centered vertically in its boundary rectangle.
  • align : how the label text is horizontally aligned within its boundary rectangle. Possible values include left, center, right etc. This is the same as the CSS attribute text-align. The default value is “center”.
  • backgroundColor : the backgroundColor for the label. This uses standard CSS coloring values.


  • setValue(newValueString) – change the label’s text

Simple JSON

    "name": "infoText",
    "type": "Label",
    "x": 0, "y": 0,
    "width": 1, "height": 1,
    "value": "this is your label text centered on the screen",

More Code

    "name": "infoText",
    "type": "Label",
    "x": .1, "y": .1,
    "width": .8, "height": .8,
    "value": "label text goes here",
    "backgroundColor": "rgba(0,0,0,1)",
    "verticalCenter": false,
    "align": "left",
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