June 7th, 2011

Control 1.3: Dynamic Interfaces, jQuery integration & more

Control 1.3 was released in the app store today. It is actually a giant rewrite of many parts under the hood… most of this rewrite was done in order to move as much code as possible to HTML / CSS / Javascript to ease the Android port. But there are also some new features, of course.

The biggest one is dynamic interface creation via OSC. I’ve had many people write me and express interest in this. Although it was technically possibly in 1.2 it required a -lot- of js programming and a lot of poking into the inner workings of Control. Now it can all be done via OSC messages. You can create a blank interface, add widgets to it, change parameters of those widgets and begin outputting OSC messages without ever creating a .js file and uploading it to your phone. Here’s a brief video demo:

You can try this Max patch to get an idea of the messages Control accepts… I’ll try to post documentation ASAP.

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