Control enables users to create their own interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applications. It is built on top of the PhoneGap project and allows users to define their interfaces via JSON files. The big advantages of Control over other touchscreen control apps are as follows:

  • Outputs both wireless MIDI and OSC
  • Widgets are capable of being scripted via JavaScript. JavaScript (when interpreted by Apple’s WebKit engine) is allowed to be used by apps in the App Store. The ability to add scripts to widgets adds flexibility to interfaces that other applications can’t provide
  • Access to Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass (in applicable devices) with control over the update frequency of each on a per interface basis. Support for microphone and video camera input to be added shortly
  • Interfaces can be dynamically pushed to the phone via OSC. This allows, for example, different interfaces to be presented to users contextually in a virtual reality environment or for different interactive pieces during a musical performance.

Control features auto-discovery via Bonjour as well as the ability to manually enter destination IP addresses and ports. New interfaces can be downloaded to the phone from webservers in addition to being pushed by OSC.

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