December 26th, 2010

Control blog is up!

For this first post I’m attaching a screenshot of a DJ interface that will come with the software. There’s not too much special about it, but I’ll note that the scripting capabilities of Control allow for the crossfader position to be controlled by the left, right and center buttons. This behavior is all setup in the interface file via JavaScript. Even a behavior relatively simple like this would be impossible to program in an interface without adding code to the app itself in other iOS interface programs.

Here is the code for the left button that sets the crossfader value to zero, as found in the JSON interface file:

"ontouchstart": "crossfader.value = 0; crossfader.draw();"

Normally when setting the value of a widget you would use the setValue(x) method; setValue changes the value of the widget, outputs the new value via OSC or MIDI and then redraws the widget. However, in this case, the button already sends out a value and we want to avoid sending a repeat.


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