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    First of all, thanks for making such a great program, and putting it out for free!

    I am a new user, using IOS 6, and I have encountered the following issues. Maybe something is not set up right, so I ask:

    1. The Interface list does not scroll. I see in the change log that this was fixed in IOS 5. Has there been a regression with IOS 6? This is especially annoying when you use landscape mode, because the interface list comes up landscape, and cannot be scrolled to see the ones at the bottom.

    2. When in Portrait mode, the screen auto-rotates up or down. However, in Landscape it is fixed to one way. Is this an inherent limitation in IOS?

    3. I created a simple interface, with a Gyroscope outputting pitch, roll & yaw to the computer, with two sliders that are updated from the computer to the phone. I am using Plogue Bidule as the OSC source/destination on the Mac. Everything works fine, EXCEPT that Control seems to miss messages. Bidule has a monitoring window for incoming and outgoing messages, and I see all of them there, but Control does not react to all of them. How do I troubleshoot this?




    Oh, forgot to mention, I am using an ad-hoc wifi network from iPhone to Mac.



    I guess not a very active community here? I am not surprised, since Control has not had an update since 2011. Is there another software that people are migrating to? I have not found anything as comprehensive as Control. TouchOSC seems popular, but it does not even have gyro data available, as far as I can tell. I guess I just have to wait patiently to see if anyone is listening here!


    Mario Mey

    I have Android…

    1.- I didn’t try it.
    2.- Maybe in TO DO list?
    3.- See this:

    Yes, this program looks great and I want to use, but it needs a lot of fixes. And, for the moment, it’s the only Android professional OSC app.

    I’m waiting for any updates too, as I don’t know programming.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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